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TMW Systems

Optimized Vehicle Routing Software

Appian Logistics

Routing and Planning Software for Fleets


Vehicle Routing Software for Distribution and Service Providers 


For dedicated carriers, private fleets and 3PLs, Appian DirectRoute routing software and companion Appian scheduling products are the essential logistics planning tools needed to reduce your transportation costs and make the most efficient use possible of available resources. Fixed or dynamic routing, local, regional or long haul, multiple depots and high customer density, our street-level routing and analysis and execution tools give you the power to do more, much more, with what you have.  

Vehicle routing software will automate route schedules that average 10-25% fewer trucks, drivers and hours compared to manually developed plans. Our customers typically experience 8-15% reductions in total distribution costs. Service companies can see 8-20% reductions in miles and hours over their current results.

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