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Private Fleet Operations

Private Fleets have different priorities...Request Info

...and exist for different purposes than commercial fleets. Dedicated to specific facilities or commodities - like food and beverages, or providing the high availability needed to support JIT operations, or assuring critical service levels-- private fleets still have most of the critical asset utilization, equipment maintenance, planning and dispatch, cost tracking and allocation needs that commercial fleets and for-hire carriers do. 

Your specific fleet management and operational needs often have to integrate within a larger corporation's ERP and financial systems--systems usually designed for manufacturing or retail business processes. TMW has extensive integration experience with mid-size ERP packages as well as SAP and Oracle systems. Our multiple software integration nodes and mechanisms  assure that however deeply your fleet operations need to be tied in with corporate systems, you'll be able to get the full benefit of the operational improvements and cost control that TMW fleet maintenance and trucking software can provide to your private fleet. Private Fleets

Manage your vehicles, equipment, trailers and drivers with our fleet maintenance software

Automate the equipment maintenance lifecycle

- Improve mechanic utilization

- Lower replacement costs through increased warranty recovery dollars

- Reduce assets and capital employed with asset tracking software

- Reduce parts inventory

- Streamline your freight billing process

Reduce operating costs by increasing truck, trailer, and equipment utilization

Uncover additional revenue opportunities by easily planning backhaul freight

Gain visibility with an infrastructure that links technologies, business processes and functions

Keep an eye on the "BIG PICTURE" with management reporting and KPI dashboards

Enable decision makers to act on quantifiable facts with "numbers-based" reports

Leverage integrations with major industry service and solution providers