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ROI Includes a 30% Drop in OOR Miles

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All Pro Freight Systems
Asset-Light Firm All Pro Freight Systems, Inc.,
Drives Growth with TMW Systems

Over the past 20 years, All Pro Freight Systems, Inc., has proven time and time again that ingenuity and hard work go a long way in the transportation business. The brokerage operation, located four miles from the Lake Erie shoreline in Northeast Ohio, has grown into a formidable company.

All Pro Freight Systems directs freight movement in Canada, Mexico and the Continental US. Now with 175 power units, growth has also included the ability to perform carrier services from the East Coast to west Texas and complete warehousing services. The company has locations in Florida and New Jersey and is known for transporting FAK--from building supplies to nuts.

"We do just about anything a customer would request," said Chief Operating Officer Christy Murray, adding, "we can take over a fleet, augment the resources of a fleet or dispatch a local guy to move freight once a week."

All Pro's ability to honor customer requests with local cartage, long-haul OTR, intermodal and single source/dedicated contract services, is supported by their companywide use of TMWSuite software from TMW Systems Inc.

The Challenges

Like many transportation services firms that experience rapid growth, All Pro Freight Systems eventually outgrew their previous operations software, but not before experiencing real pain from its limitations.

"The big challenge for us was that our legacy system was too free form with too much customization. We needed reporting capabilities that were flexible but strict in basic concepts," said Murray. In addition, she noted that the company wasn't where it wanted to be when it came to measuring and monitoring productivity. To stay effective, efficient and competitive, the company wanted to update its technology.

According to Murray, the goal was to find a database product that also incorporated general business rules. While they wanted a system with transportation-specific design, All Pro Freight Systems also required the flexibility to accommodate the multiple service types they offer with configurability to apply the terminology they commonly used. "We did compare TMW to others and employees participated in the selection process."

There was a consensus. All Pro Freight Systems chose TMWSuite.

The Solutions
TMWSuite integrates all of the features and services required to cover an end-to-end transportation process. Upon installation, All Pro Freight Systems leveraged TMWSuite capabilities in the daily functions of all departments-- from the executive office, to logistics, asset management and the all-important back office billing and accounting activities. In replacing their legacy system, TMWSuite brought with it the power of a client/server environment and an expandable architecture that included multi-tier .NET applications.

TMWSuite is a complete Enterprise Transportation Software platform, configurable for diverse business operations, that includes core capabilities for Order Entry; Dispatch; Rating; Invoicing and Settlements; File Maintenance; Accounting; and Real-Time Management Reporting. An extensive add-on module portfolio assures that each TMWSuite installation can be enhanced with powerful components that support distinct and uniquely complex business models for each customer.

The Results

"We're measuring," said Murray. "Once we started managing out-of-route mileage with TMW, we saw a 30% drop in OOR miles. We also manage expiration on drivers and fleets; it's much easier."

At All Pro Freight Systems, TMWSuite works with Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) as its financial back office system. "The integration is awesome. It went far and above what we expected," she said. The integration with Microsoft Dynamics GP provides robust, enterprise-quality, financial accounting for TMW operations management.

"My finger is completely on the pulse of what's going on without being in the back office," said Murray, and, "we have excellent automated systems in place."

The integrated nature of TMWSuite's design, which includes embedded workflows critical to efficient transportation operations, has enabled new visibility along with efficiencies. "The best software system forces everybody to use it correctly. I can run a report with a few clicks and know exactly where all of my trailers are--exactly," she emphasized.

All Pro Freight Systems uses the extensive reporting functionality in TMWSuite in all areas of the company, with drill downs into day-to-day activity and operations that greatly improve business oversight.

With weekly reports, "I know total revenue to the penny. I see where we stand and how we are progressing. There are daily reports that give us an idea of what's going on in Brokerage and Over-the-Road. And-I was never able to do this before-I can tell the owner about our status at any time."

All Pro Freight Systems makes use of Advanced Load Brokerage capability in TMWSuite to manage their high-volume, brokered load business, which guides appropriate carrier selection and captures rate, cost and carrier performance data in a single system. The core TMWSuite platform also manages their 175 company trucks and delivers integrated financial performance statements covering all aspects of the operation.

A critical part of the TMWSuite solution for All Pro is the dedicated customer support team at TMW Systems assigned to provide their company with optimal customer care. TMW blends industry and product expertise in the staffers who make up multiple support teams charged with the ongoing care of a named set of customers. The breadth of knowledge and team-approach to supporting customers assures a high level of availability and business problem-solving when All Pro calls with a question. "Asset and non-asset based transportation have their own set of complicated issues," noted Murray. "I like my TMW team. They are very good and very responsive."

Turbulent change may mark today's business environment, but with the history of success and market diversification that All Pro Freight Systems carries, Murray's outlook remains optimistic and focused on growth and expanding capabilities. "Business necessity will determine which TMW solution is installed next. But, I have a list: ResultsNow by TMW®, which will make it a very robust system; IDSC ExpertFuel; D2Link; EDI...."

"Once we started managing out-of-route mileage with TMW, we saw a 30% drop in OOR miles."
Christy Murray
Chief Operating Officer
All Pro Freight Services, Inc., Avon, OH