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TMW freight broker software is helping more operations cover more loads with greater profitability. Our logistics tools speed up finding the right carrier, negotiating the right deal and maximizing margins. Our freight brokerage software planning screens monitor all loads in process, from booking to delivery and billing. Our automation speeds planning, load board postings and carrier onboarding. Our management reporting and business intelligence tools keep you on top of revenues, performance and productivity. Integrated portal tools help you provide expanded customer service options like track-and-trace, or give you more connection options with your preferred carriers.  


Business logic prevents load assignments when carrier or contract details are missing or expired

Integration with multiple load boards such as TransCore DAT and Internet TruckStop, some with advanced capabilities

Integration with carrier safety and service rating info providers such as Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Carrier411 and CarrierWatch

Present qualified loads to particular carriers or let carriers provide shipment updates via your own carrier web portal

Auto-generate load confirmation forms; integrated fax and email print/send capability

Target Sell rates display, with exception alerts available on violated loads (i.e. a broker sold a $1,000 revenue load to a carrier for $975; your target was $850)

Commission structure support for internal brokers/agents; pay modules for third parties, such as agents, that administer multiple pay rates from load booking through settlements

Extensive reporting to track profitability by load, customer, broker, carrier, etc.

New! TMWSuite is now integrated to MacroPoint for cellular phone-based load tracking for logistics service providers. The MacroPoint solution is designed to work cost-effectively for both a one-time transaction and load-tracking need as well as across all brokered freight by all outside carriers.

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