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New! TMWSuite is now integrated to MacroPoint for pay-per-load shipment tracking for logistics service providers. Learn more...

You're operating in a more competitive, faster-paced environment than ever. Shipper demands are higher and good carriers are in tight supply. They both demand time-sensitive decision-making, increased services and constant management. Both shippers and carriers count on you to deliver outstanding service, billing and payment accuracy, and real-time visibility, while you work hard to stay cost-effective, keep margins up and still build loyalty View Logistics & Broker brochure with both populations.

TMW's logistics and brokerage software systems bring together all the elements Logistics Service Providers need into a comprehensive, integrated solution that supports quick and confident business actions. Streamline and speed your operation by integrating all your business systems and processes - from order entry to covering the load, carrier management and on-boarding through rating, dispatch, invoicing and settlements.

Booking freight orders. Productivity starts here.

Broker Software, 3PL SoftwareEnter all load information for new orders rapidly through a single screen. With TMW, you can automatically apply contract or regular requirements for a repeat customer, quote or auto-rate a new load based on tariffs, contracts, linehaul mileage and other criteria when quoting new business.

Integrated EDI support in order management and load planning screens can automatically accept and acknowledge orders from key clients, or simply display incoming orders until reviewed and accepted for pricing and business fit.

With our load board interfaces and the right account levels, posting load or equipment listings or downloading loads and power to your desktop for detailed review jumpstarts new business opportunities each day.

Track and trace. Allow customers to track orders 24/7.

TMW's Web business solutions include self-service, online portals that provide customers with visibility to their orders and trip tracking information in real time, 24 hours a day. Your shippers can also enter RFQs or tender new load orders directly through your TMW web solution, bypassing EDI.

Billing speed and efficiency. Key to improving your DSO.

Invoice generation can be triggered directly from your operations data or flexibly batched for order and cost review before printing. Multiple accessorials and fuel surcharges can be automatically or manually included and complex, third-party pay split arrangements are easily handled for all parties to the deal. Both client billing and carrier settlements are fully integrated with your accounting system and are extendable with Document Imaging for PODs and rendition printing.

Carrier management, verifying the essentials. Maintaining control of the process.

With your past carrier history data captured in TMW, you can also incorporate various Internet information services to begin your search for a safe, qualified, legal carrier to move the load.  Contact your target carrier and negotiate the best price you can with tools that help you keep an eye on margins and spread for each deal. Close the deal and automatically send load confirmations, while assuring that carrier paperwork is current and valid.

Within your TMW software, search your preferred or past carriers with smart filters, based on best rates, on-time performance or even truck locations. Target them with load offers via e-mail, phone or fax. Negotiate smart with carriers, using screens and tools that keep you focused on improving your spread. Confirm deals quickly, flexibly and officially through integrated load confirmation templates.

Improve satisfaction and ease of doing business with your preferred carriers through TMW Web products that can create your own load and status boards--even customize and display loads available for each separate carrier that accesses your system. Assigned carriers can use the Web instead of the phone to pass on trip status updates to you. TMW web solutions for your carriers will also automatically update your TMW software order status, as well as the track-and-trace information available to shippers via the Web -- all without dispatcher, broker or CSR intervention.

Settling with your carriers. Fast, accurate and friendly.

TMW solutions take an integrated approach to operations, orders, rating, carriers, customers, invoices and more, simplifying the entire settlement process as well. To compete for the best carriers, TMW helps you improve the accuracy and timeliness of settlements and support quick-pay arrangements where negotiated. Linehaul pay, accessorial charges and advances/deductions are automatically applied to the appropriate carriers, reducing inaccuracies, disputes and conflict while improving your carrier satisfaction and retention.

Streamline the paperwork. Document management systems make it easy.

Speed up invoicing, payments and collections with electronic document support. TMW Imaging can store rate confirmation and insurance documents, expense records and carrier settlements. It automates invoice printing along with the required proof-of-delivery documents for efficient billing and integrates with our TMW Web products so you can offer shippers ePOD.

Integrations with more advanced, third-party document management systems can add extensive workflow capabilities for major convenience and time savings, helping you do more--with less.

 "We met with various logistics software companies prior to purchase. We were particularly impressed with TMW's vast knowledge of the brokerage/logistics industry. We were even more impressed by the high satisfaction level of TMW customers we contacted without TMW's knowledge. Now, based on our experience, we completely understand the positive response."

- Paul Loeb, CEO, Command Transportation